Carry a piece of Dad or Grand-dad on your dress…

I regularly use pinterest these days to neatly organize my interests in categories, cos we need that… Anyway, I have an ever-growing wedding ideas board on there, jam packed with all my favourite designs, dresses, photos and reception decor. It is much fun, so much so that I thought I would share my latest find on here. It’s a very sweet, simple and heartfelt idea that I will definitely do when my day comes.

Now I’ve never had the joy of knowing either of my Grand-dad’s as they both passed on before I was born, but I have my Dad, who to me is the funniest man alive. He’s a little man who talks in riddles with his heavy italian accent, loves his allotment! Always laughs and makes everyone else laugh. He has a way of teaching me life lessons without me actually realising until years down the line when I remember what he said and how it completely made sense! He is just the best person anyone could ever meet. And for some reason, the older we both get, the better we seem to get on.

He’s a lot older than most people’s Dad’s my age, so I guess I got the best of both from him in the sense than I can imagine this is what having a Grand-dad would be like! But that’s enough babbling on, heres the idea that I fell in love with…

You take your Dad’s or Grand-dad’s favourite shirt/any piece of clothing (or the one that you always remember them wearing) and cut a heart out to sew onto your wedding dress. I think it’s such a sweet touch and could be a tradition you start, where you can pass it on to your daughters and they can pass it on to theirs etc.

Just a little idea to think about. It doesn’t have to be your male relatives, it could be anyone in your family who you have the softest spot for 🙂

All you lovestruckers have a lovely week!

And don’t worry, I’m certain the rain will stop one day.



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