Pick Of The Week

DeVotchka – How It Ends (Instrumental)

The title doesn’t suggest fitting for a wedding I know, which is why I have posted an instrumental of this beautiful track. However, I don’t think the actual song suggests what it appears to. And I have decided to change the meaning of ‘How It Ends’ to this: How It Ends is now different than before now. before now, I was unsure how it would end, but now I know how it will end. It will end with you and me, us and we.

Have I managed to completely convince you all that this song is not bad!?

Other than that, I think this song is beautiful, I would use it myself for a wedding video, I can really hear and see it working together well. The sound of strings is always uplifting at a wedding, but why not mix it up with something a little more folky rather than the traditional orchestral pieces that are generally used.

Or just hit play and enjoy this pretty piece of music.

Peace & Love,