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Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood – Summer Wine

We seemed to be stuck in a winter that refused to pack up it’s things and leave to let spring in! (Got a slight glimpse of life at Winterfell for those of you who like us adore Game Of Thrones…) But this past week the sun, still shy, has started to reveal herself. And just in time as Laimonas and I have moved into our new flat, so our new sash windows beg for sunshine to pour through them!

T-shirts and shorts came out and our new neighbours even got a BBQ on the go. So I decided to pick a song that teases springs out. If you know us both, you know that we love music from all eras despite our youth. If you are having a spring/summer wedding, this song would suit the outdoors completely, whilst guests sipped on their champagne under the blue skies.

Indulge in a snack of strawberries & cherries and maybe even pinch an angels kiss this spring and relax to some Nancy Sinatra 😉 (Oh so cheesy, but who can’t resist some camembert?)

Peace & Love

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